전수민, 비즈니스 디렉터
Soomin Chun, Business Director
As a nationally acclaimed director of SERVICE CENTER as well as creative director of CoSMO40, Min Chun is celebrated for not only his extensive achievements, but also his all-encompassing leadership. He is also an owner of PIZZA SERVICE, a music enthusiast, an unabashed navy collector.

고혁준, 디자인 디렉터
Hyeokjun Go, Design Director
Hyeokjun is a graphic designer who majored in user experience research and design, and is usually a hooligan at Liverpool FC.

배재희, 아트 디렉터
Jaehee Bae, Art Director
Jaehee is in charge of communication with the clients, and proceeds and classifies the project. Sometimes she develops content necessary for branding and design or participates in product production. She is interested in collecting objects, which are essential elements of a space.

김석현, 클라이언트 서비스 디렉터
Seokhyun Kim, Client Service Director
Native to Incheon, SeokHyun Kim manages production of SERVICE CENTER’s various products and apparel, offering his expertise and furthering his passion for fashion design.

유니스 리, 공간 디자이너 🇺🇸
Eunice Lee, Architectural Designer
Eunice is an architectural designer from Los Angeles with a focus on material research. She spends her weekends in the woodshop making things she pleases. Now she is based in New York.

윤산희, 그래픽 디자이너
Sanhui Yoon, Graphic Designer
Sanhui Yoon is a visual based multidisciplinary graphic designer. She studied Fine Arts and Design in New York. Recently she hired an assistant, Aengdu, a sassy feline of hers, who sometimes helps her finish the project.

전수만, 포토그래퍼
Suman Chun, Photographer
A prominent photographer Suman Chun is well-known for his quality shots of the spaces and various goods at Service Center. He is also the owner of mwm located in Seoul, and is the rank of purple belt in jiu-jitsu, taking the responsibility of the team's overall safety.

한정우, 포토그래퍼 🇨🇦
Jungwoo Han, Photographer
Jungwoo Han is started his career as a photographer in San Francisco and now he is based in Canada. His work focuses on architecture, interior, and lifestyle photography. He enjoys drip coffee everyday and likes to discover hidden gems from flea market once in a while.

선의진, 에디터
Euijin Seon, Editor
As a passionate note-taker who believes in the power of writing, she is called by many titles – a wife, mom, writer, and manager, but the title of being her ‘self’ trumps them all. She strives to do what she loves for a living. She loves to write about ordinary and sentimental moments that occur in her everyday life.

톰 초이, 뮤직 큐레이터
Tom Choi, Music Curator
Born and bred in New York, Choi is an avid fan of film, music, and cold beer. To perfect the atmosphere of the spaces branded by SERVICE CENTER, he carefully curates and releases wide range of sounds on a regular basis.

노아 한, 쉐프
Noah Han, Chef
Upon graduating from CIA with a degree in Culinary Arts, he built his career at Danny Meyer's Untitled restaurant at the Whitney museum and Chef Daniel Humm’s The Nomad NYC. He now runs Nice Time and Nice Time 2 in Korea. He seeks and presents simple and chic cuisines.